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Blademaw Bulwark

The Blademaw Bulwark is comprised of Orcs, Trolls, and Tauren who have made a Blood oath to serve. Forsaken Necromancers and Deathstalkers are permitted under a short leash, as well as Sin'dorei Mages and Blood Knights. Goblins are only permitted if they leave their money behind and follow the true virtues of the Horde.

The Soldiers of the Bulwark are required to live and serve by a code of sacred values. This moral code guides soldiers to become the greatest they can be. The code is the foundation of honor, and the essence of what it means to be a Horde soldier.


Any soldier must respect his officers, as well as his peers. Showing respect to them will grant respect and much more back. A soldier must also respect other warbands as well, for they deserve the rank they have just as much.


Soldiers must follow the orders of their Warlord. At times, motives may seem unclear, but soldiers must understand that they are the best for the Horde. Loyalty pushes soldiers to go beyond the call of duty, to better themselves more than they thought possible, and to serve with more devotion than any other soldier of our Horde.


Warriors of the Horde must show an attitude of discipline towards themselves, the regiment, and the Horde. The Blademaw wears uniforms to show their discipline. Soldiers cannot afford to act in a reckless manner on -or- off duty. Their poor actions will bring shame not only to their command, but to the Horde.

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Gromkel, Aug 25, 11 4:21 PM.
Glad to see you've joined the Bulwark. I look forward to integrating you into our family.
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